About Us

Ginger Merkel & Maureen Damer - Merkel Damer Financial Advisors

At Merkel-Damer Financial Strategies, we understand you want to make your future dreams and plans a reality. Maybe you want to make informed decisions in order to save for retirement, send kids to college, handle medical expenses, maintain a certain standard of living or even assist aging family members.  The reasons are endless.

We believe each person is born with the right to have a happy, productive and fulfilling life. We believe each individual is born and created with gifts and talents meant to be shared with the community.

At Merkel-Damer we are passionate about three things: trust, integrity, and empowerment. With these core values, our primary focus revolves around building and nurturing life-long relationships. Every question, process and decision are intertwined with these core beliefs –  not only between ourselves and our clients but with each person we meet – regardless of whether or not our services are utilized.

Everything we do at Merkel-Damer is specifically designed and customized to our clients’ specific needs, goals and desires. That’s because we understand each client’s experiences and life history are unique. Additionally, we understand the need for flexibility when challenges and major life changes occur.

At Merkel-Damer, we are extremely sensitive to the needs of women. We like to work with partners, wives and spouses, where both are equal and active participants in their financial planning. All decisions and everything we do is in the best interest of all parties involved. We’ve developed a practice serving clients and extended families, individuals, domestic partners and couples. Additionally, we serve where major life changes have occurred such as a job change, marriage, children, death and/or divorce. To concentrate on sophisticated planning needs, our preferred household size is $250,000 in investable assets. With that said, these are guidelines only – nothing is etched in stone.

At Merkel-Damer, our mission is to help you and your family live without worry and every day we strive to make it happen. Still not sure if we need to connect? Don’t worry. We welcome the opportunity to provide a zero-obligation, second opinion at no charge.  Call us to discuss your life-giving passions and dreams.